Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amala And Tri-Fish Efo riro.


4 bunch of spinach leaves

Assorted meat

Dried fish and crayfish

Palm oil (I do Olive Oil+Palm Oil)

Salt and or maggi

Fresh tomatoes




Red bell pepper



Clean and prep' your spinach

Clean boil stockfish till tender

Clean and boil meats and dried fish

Heat up your palm oil and add your Onions and peppers and Tomato blend

Add Tomato sauce

Cook for 15

Add meats and fish stock cook for another 5 min

Add seasoning

Cook for 5-10 mins

Add your spinach

Adjust seasoning and simmer for 15 - 20 mins or till dry (low heat)

Plate and eat as desired


The Indecent One..... said...

oya alhaji post the recipes jor, I want try out some of them. and wetin be dat black ish in the plate? na amala? ewwwwwwww! why pple will not stick to normal poundo/eba baffles me. Anyway post the recipes, ese. :D

Sha said...

ewww i HATE amala.. but the efo riro looks delicious

naija1st said...

I love your blog o Alhaji. The music is cool too. With the colours of your food making my mouth sing, my diet diary is now in my isale apoti. I like amala o, especially with ogbonno/apon or ewedu or gbegiri. I plan to come to your visit your blogville as often as possible. Hope you can visit mine too and leave a comment. Peace.

PS. When are we getting the sequel to that sad story about the girl whose father died? 'Would love to see a happy ending.

alhaji said...

@ The Indecent don't know what you're missing, poundo is good of course but I'll trade my isale apoti for some nice and fluffy

I posted the recipe too..

thanks for stopping by...

@sha, you too don't like amala?? Amala is good, you might want to try it with nice well prepared stews and sauces like efor riro, obe ata din din, gbegiri with ewedu and ogbono or egusi.

@naija1st . Thanks so much, I'm glad you like my blog. I'm craving ewedu and gbegiri for real, I think Ibadan people call it abula. I've been trying to make some but Ewedu is really hard to find out here.

I'm heading over to your blog right now........thanks and stop by again.

March 1, 2008 12:18 PM