Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crane Lake Merlot 2003

Crane Lake Merlot 2003

Welcome to the “Wine less than $5″ category. Crane Lake wine, around these parts, is CHEAP. I’m talking $3.34 cheap. Think of it. You can get a whole case of the stuff for 40 bucks! But would you want to…?

Crane Lake Wine

Great Choice! I introduced my wine snob friend to this, not telling him that a magnum cost me only $8.00. He thought it was very tasty, “full-bodied” where his words. Definitely recommend this bottle of grapes

My answer: sure, why not. It isn’t really that bad.

Tasting notes:
Very wet, with almost no structure. The second glass I had was chilled, which was much better in my opinion. Very light oak.

All-in-all, if you want to impress someone with a large quantity of wine on your premises, Crane Lake wine is the wine to do it with! Otherwise, I would try something like Marcus James or “2 buck-Chuck” that are in the same price range.

Price: $3.33

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