Wednesday, April 16, 2008

alhaji's Cuisine:: Arroz Con Pollo


Rice (parboiled).
Red and Green Poblano peppers.
Serrano pepper.
Achiote (Anato) Powder.
Olive Oil.
Onion powder.
Garlic Powder.
Green Peas.
Basil Thyme.
Turmeric Powder.
Black Pepper.

Brown chicken on both sides. Don't cook chicken, just enough to get a brown crust.
Take out chicken and add cut or diced Onions, garlic peppers and let sweat for 2 mins.
Add Turmeric (2tbs).
Add Achiote powder (2tbs).
Add Chicken stock or water.
Add Rice.
Add Basil, Thyme and Oregano.
Add salt, a dash or 2 of cumin and black pepper.
Add green peas and Cilantro.
Adjust seasoning and let simmer (low-medium heat) for 15-20mins or till done.



In my head and around me said...

I can not believe that a food blog has gone so long undetected by a "catering pratical" girl such as myself.

Will be back a whole lot more. Please can you put up recipes for everything? Abeg!

MP3 e MP4 said...

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Nice Anon said...

Can you please put a steak dish and recipe up? Thanks!
I still haven't tried the suya but i will once i get a grill

alhaji said...

@In my head and around me ...thanks for stopping by and feel free to suggest or make recipe request..........

@MP3 e MP4, thanks, nice blog, please come back soon.

@Nice Anon, any kind of steak in particular or just any? I'll cook something up regardless....