Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Roasted Egusi With Bitter Leaf And Hot Ancho Pepper...................


Ground Egusi

Fresh tomato


Bitter leaf


Onion Powder

Tomato sauce

black pepper


Meat (I used Hen)

Sweat onions and tomato in olive oil

Add egusi and let roast/ fry for 3-5 mins (low heat)

Add tomato sauce

Cook for 3-5 mins

Add 1 cup (depending on quantity) of water or stock

Add meat (and dried fish)

Add salt, black pepper, italian seasoning and bitter leaf

Cook to reduce for 10-15 mins (low-med heat)

Remove heat and let rest for 10 mins before serving

With beaf/goat, enjoy with Red wine (Malbec or Syrah)

With chicken or fish, enjoy with white wine (Chardonnay)



cutiekleen said...

ye ye ye mo gbe this is mouth watering o.

enough of this punishment please put up the recipe


alhaji said...

@cutiekleen, didn't mean to punish you o. lol. Thanks, check the main page for the recipes. Feel free to make recipe request/s. Stop by again......

cutiekleen said...

thnx alhaji for the recipe o. made my own version today & it came out nice.

can u please make and put up recipe for ewa agonyin ( ghana style)


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