Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eba And Efo Ri Ro.

My style is very contemporary but flavor and looks remains the same..if not better sef.....

Meat/Cut to preference. (prep/boil and fry)
Smoked Fish (Slightly boil with meat to enhance flavor)
Stock Fish (prep and boil to soften)
Black pepper
Red bell pepper
Habanero or Scotch bonnet
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Spinach (Cut to preference)
Maggi (Optional/MSG content)

Fry tomato, onion, garlic and peppers in mixture of Olive and or Palm oil
Add tomato sauce and paste
Add the meats including fish/stock fish and shrimp
Add stock (just a little, maybe half a cup because you're still gonna have to get rd of a lot of fluid...)
Add spinach or your choice of veggie (Add Egusi right here if you're doing Egusi)
Adjust seasoning
Simmer till done/90-95% evaporation

Feel free to add subtract ingredients as desired....



Ms. Catwalq said...

What did I do to you? I woke up from my after-class nap fully prepared to simply gnaw on some bread and carry on with my studying.But no, thanks to you, I am sauteeing shrimp to make pasta...why are you doing this to me...?

Just...Toluwa said...

not good, not good at all...

U no do well. First tym here, and OMG! mouth watering...gosh!

hunger! thnx!

Ok am rambling...nice blog. Bt i think i need to pick sepcific times to be coming here...


Naija Bloggers Awards 2009 said...

It would be awesome if you could add recipes to the pictures.

Afrobabe said...

Oh God, African diet diva is gonna kill diet just went out the window...

Tears said...

LOL@ afrobabe...why now??LOL!

i argee with nija bloggers...we need recipes...plssssssss! with a sauce on it :P

African Weight Loss Diva said...

Haaaa, Alhaji you don tempt my client afrobabe oh.Chei. Nice site oh, the food looks delicious. Where do you make them? Do you have a restaurant here in lag? They are mouth watering!

Geebee said...

Now, now, what have we got here . . . just what I need. I'm quite slim for my height and I keep trying to put on some weight (that's why I won't want to have anything to do with africanweightlossdiva). lol. Alhaji, all these food go burst my belle o. I've been here for like 5 mins and I'm sooooo hungry. In fact, some guys are standing behind me staring at what you have here and they're leaking from their mouths. U try o. Nice one.

M A said...

Marry me.. Please! wow.... mmmm

alhaji said...


Thanks you guys, I really appreciate all the kind words, I've posted the recipe...

Please stop by again...