Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Hour Trail. Onion Rings, Fried Plantain Planks, Sweet Potato Fries, Avocado, Tortillas Chips and Grilled Onion Ginger Beef.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alhaji, am a big big fan of ur blog. am always on here checking out all the beautiful dishes you make. I have a favor to ask, could you pls post a recipe for edikanikong soup, pls, pls, pls.

alhaji said...

Thanks Anon' and sorry for the late response....

Choice of meats (boiled and prepped) And save stock.
Pepper (Blend or cut)
Onion. cut
Dried fish.
Dried shrimp
Palm oil (or half/half palm oil and Olive Oil)
Ugwu leaves/pumpkin leaves

@ medium heat
Heat up Palm oil in your cooking pot
Add boiled meats
Add beef stock (Desired quantity)
Add dried fish and shrimp
Add Ugwu/pumpkin leaves leaves
Let simmer till done.


Anonymous said...

Alhaji this your blog just makes me hungry every second, those meals look so nice and delicious, I just have a favour to ask, can u pls add the recipes to the meals if u can? Would love to experiment. but for now pls can u post the recipes for the above menu. Want to show off for some french friends of mine. Thanks