Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nigerian Food. Still Defining And Re-Defining Egusi.


Egusi seeds (Roast lightly in a skillet before and grinding)

Beef (I used chuck) Seasoned, boiled and fried.

Shrimp (Dried in a smoker grill)

Trip (Boiled and fried)

Cow feet

Stock fish

Dried fish

Kidney (Boiled and fried)

Half n half palm oil and olive oil

Fresh Tomato Onions


1 Habanero

Tomato sauce

1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning

Black pepper

Onion powder

Stock from boiled beef


Spinach or your choice of leafy vegetable.

Do everything from low to medium temp,

Heat up your oil

Add cut onions, Habanero, Fresh tomato and garlic (Let fry for 2 mins)

Add Tomato sauce (Let cook for 2 mins)

Add meats, shrimp and stock fish and beef stock (Avoid too much liquid, you don't want to reduce forever and wither your ingredients)

Add seasonings

Let cook @ medium heat for 5 mins

Spinach or your choice of leafy vegetable.

Top the spinach with your Egusi, cover and let the Egusi steam on top of the spinach before staring. (This is how you get you lumpy Egusi effect)

Adjust seasoning and simmer cook till done

To get a cooler and balanced look, stick it in the oven for 10-15 @ 350 dgrs.

Note: Do not use too much liquid, add ass needed.

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