Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ojojo. Nigerian Food.

Measurements according to preferred servings and preference.

Fresh water Yam (Peeled, grounded and salted)
Chopped green Onion
Diced brown onion
Vegetable oil

Add chopped and diced onion to ground and salted fresh water yam and mic together in a bowl
Adjust seasoning
Deep fry @ 375 dgrs in oil of choice by scooping mixture into the oil with hand or spoon
Let fry till golden brown

Eat warm with chili sauce or smokey chipotle sauce.


Adetomiwa said...

Haa, Alhaji you wan finish persin!Well done, I once came to your blog but forgot about it. Now I am back again. Well done.Pls keep them coming. I love Nigerian food as I am Nigerian but I have not had much experience of other foods. Cheers.

Kelsey said...

Hi Alhaji,

I'm so excited to have found your blog! One problem, it doesn't seem to want to allow me to connect to your RSS feed.

I tried on two different computers (at work and at home). Any chance that there might be something up with it?? I'd love to get a direct feed of all your food so i can feed on your food (ha!).

Thanks for such yummy stuff!!


Ola said...

Thanks guys.

@ Adetomi. Just keep messing with different recipes and start familiarizing yourself with ingredients. It's all about experimentation.

Kelsey, I've been having problems my feeding for some time now. I'll def' take another look at it.

Sisi Yemmie said...

Ive always wanted to know how to make it...thanks!!!