Friday, August 6, 2010

Suya. Nigerian Food.

Suya to Nigerians is like burgers in the states, it's very popular and consumed all over the country regardless of tribal affiliations.
The spice is the most important element.

To fix suya, you need a good cut of meat like brisket.

Cut and portion according to preference.

Suya Spice-

1 tbs Chili powder/paprika/
3 tbs finely ground peanuts
1tsp Salt or Maggi (I don't do Maggi because of it's MSG content)
1tsp Ginger powder
1tsp Onion Powder
1tsp garlic powder

Mix thoroughly and divide the spice mixture in half.
Cut your meat into bite-sized chunks.
Coat the meat with one half of the suya spice and let set for 30-45 mins.
Skewer the meat and grill on a pit, oven or broiler till done
Serve with the other half of your suya spice and slices of red onion, fresh tomato and some cucumber to knock of the heat from the hot spices.

Enjoy with any good red wine like Malbec or Shiraz if you drink.


Ned said...

orhhhhh...i miss this...hardly get it in Singapore

Anonymous said...

Aprendi mucho