Friday, February 18, 2011


Ayamase Recipe


Green Pepper (Also feel free to use green mexican pasilla and or Anaheim pepper for extra flavor)
Cuts of beef (Boiled and lightly fried)
Beef Tripe (Boiled)
Cow feet (Boiled)
Stock fish (Boiled)
Dried fish
Dried shrimp
Habanero/Ata rodo
Sliced fresh tomato
Diced or sliced onion
Palm oil
Beef stock
Maggi if preferred.

Blend green peppers, habanero/ata rodo, onions and tomato together in a blender

To enhance flavor, add shopped garlic, chipotle powder and onion powder.

Heat palm oil in a pot at medium heat
Add blended mixture
Add seasonings
Add beef stock
Let cook for 5 minutes
Add boiled meats, dried fish, dried shrimp and stock fish
Adjust seasoning and let simmer till done


cutiekleen said...

OMG.... this is D Bomb alhaji.

Please post recipe...

Thanks a bunch

cutiekleen said...

thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for posting the recipe.

ese pupo