Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shrimp & Steak Kabobs With Tomato Salad.


1-2 lb boneless beef in little 1-1/2chunks (Brisket or Chuck Roast)
1 lb shrimp (Cleaned and deviened)
Salt to taste

Olive oil for basting


Season beef and shrimp with salt
Gently place them on the grilling sticks while alternating with beef and shrimp
Grill on both sides till done
Avoid letting it stay on the grill for too long
Baste with Olive oil as needed while grilling

Tomato Salad.

Yellow and Red sherry tomatoes
Green tomatoes
Green Squash
Yellow squash
Your choice of salad dressing

Cut tomatoes and squash to desired sizes and style
Serve with your choice of salad dressing

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