Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Asaro (Yam Proridge)

1 lbs pieces of skinned yam
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup shopped red bell pepper
1/2 chopped garlic
1 large fresh tomato
1 chopped habanero pepper
1/2 cup dried shrimp of dried smoked fish
1 Maggi Cube (Optional)
3-4 cups of chicken or beef stock
4 tbs Olive Oil
4 tbs Palm oil
Salt and black pepper to taste.

Blend Onion, tomato, habanero, red bell pepper and garlic in a blender and set aside

Heat up Olive and Palm oil and add blended ingredients
Add seasoning
Add cut pieces of yams and dried shrimp and or fish
Adjust seasoning and cook at medium or low heat
Let cook till yam is soft and tender
Mash cooked yam with potato masher while leaving some chunks in tact or half mashed
Let rest for 10 minutes before serving.


Optional secrete ingredients.

A dash or nut meg
A dash of Italian seasoning
A dash of chipotle pepper powder
A dash of clove powder

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